Masonry Chimneys & Fireplaces
A Passion for Design and Construction!

Leave the construction of the fireplace and chimney masonry repair to the professionals if you’re planning an expansion or constructing a new home. We can assist you in determining the size of the chimney you need based on the use it will get, and we can construct a stylish, durable masonry chimney or fireplace for you.

It takes more than merely piling bricks high to build a chimney. To make sure your chimney is fit for usage, various things are required, from smoke chambers to chimney caps. Give your mind some rest by letting our masonry contractors do their work. We go through all the specifics, such as flashing and building requirements, to guarantee that your new chimney is attractive, useful, and secure.

Enjoy the soothing warmth of a roaring fire while relaxing. Nothing can match its straightforward comfort. We can build the lovely hearth you’ll want to gather around, whether your concept is for a brand-new conventional masonry fireplace, a stone or brick surround for an insert, or a remodel of your existing fireplace.