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At 7 Star Masonry we possess a profound dedication to the field of masonry and take great satisfaction in our vast knowledge and skill in the art of constructing several kinds of masonry fireplaces. Throughout the course of time, we have established a notable standing in the realm of designing and building exceptionally refined brick outdoor fireplaces, which have come to serve as the focal point of several residences and social gatherings. These outdoor designs effectively integrate practicality with visual appeal, offering both heating capabilities and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any given area.

Within the confines of enclosed spaces, our masonry fireplaces serve as a tangible representation of our exceptional skill and expertise in the field of construction and design. By combining traditional methods with contemporary aesthetics, we provide fireplaces that fulfill the dual purpose of providing heat and serving as an engaging centerpiece for your living space.

The brick fireplaces we provide are very desirable due to their timeless aesthetic and long-lasting quality. The careful arrangement of each individual brick exhibits an enduring allure that harmonizes well with both conventional and modern indoor spaces.

The stone fireplaces we provide are an ideal option for those who want a more natural look. Crafted from the most exquisite stones, these objects introduce an element of the natural world into interior spaces, therefore cultivating a tranquil atmosphere. The distinct textures and tones shown by the stone materials contribute to the individuality of each masonry fireplace, so guaranteeing the creation of a unique masterpiece.

Why You Should Choose Masonry Contractors For

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Hiring masonry professionals for your masonry fireplace projects has several advantages that extend beyond conventional building. These adepts provide the experience that guarantees the finished construction is both visually beautiful and long-lasting for brick outdoor fireplaces. They make it to endure the weather and may even modify the motifs to match your outdoor décor. When it comes to masonry fireplaces, seasoned adepts provide unrivaled perfection. These fireplaces are designed to be energy-efficient, keeping heat well while consuming less fuel. Furthermore, a well-built brick fireplace may raise the total value of a residency.

The timeless beauty of a brick fireplace is best attained by these professionals. They not only construct with a touch to classic appeal, but they also stress safety by following to building laws and material requirements. They may also provide vital suggestions on how to maintain the fireplace’s beauty and functioning over time. Finally, masonry fieplace builders combine utility and aesthetics for people who want to build a stone fireplace. Because of the different texture and tone of the stones, each stone fireplace they create is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The end result? A long-lasting fireplace that needs little maintenance and serves as a discussion starter for years.
Entrusting your fireplace improvements to masonry fireplace builders ensures professional workmanship, long-term value, and the peace of mind that safety and aesthetics are prioritized equally.



Masonry is one of the earliest building techniques in the history of architecture. It makes use of materials like brick and stone to shape stable structures. Our team can create new high-quality buildings or perform flawless stone and brick repair. Bring back that beautiful look for your home with the best masonry repair. Contact us to get your free estimate.

What Our Masonry Contractors Can Do For You

Outdoor Fireplace
Made Of Brick

The brick outdoor fireplace is a dependable and timeless option that provides warmth and a chic focal point for outdoor parties.

Masonry Fireplace

A brick fireplace is a perfect example of traditional and handcrafted design combined with effective heating.

Brick Fireplace

A brick fireplace is a timeless complement to any interior room, radiating warmth and traditional appeal.

Stone Fireplace

A stone fireplace, which exudes natural elegance and fosters a calm atmosphere, gives each home its own distinctive allure.

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What People Say About Our Masonry Fireplace Work

"I recently had a brick outdoor fireplace installed in my backyard, and I'm genuinely amazed at the craftsmanship and attention to detail. It has not only transformed the aesthetic of my outdoor space but has also become the focal point of our family gatherings. The durability is evident, and it looks as if it will last for years to come! "
Catherine Fitzgerald
"Opting for a masonry fireplace was one of the best home improvement decisions I've made. The team that handled the installation combined time-honored techniques with innovative design, turning my ordinary living space into an extraordinary conversation piece. The warmth it exudes, both physically and aesthetically, is simply unmatched."
Benjamin Torres
"We couldn't decide between a brick or stone fireplace, but the professionals we worked with offered invaluable guidance. The end result? A harmonious blend of both elements that adds a touch of rustic charm and modern elegance to our home. I'm constantly receiving compliments from guests on how unique and inviting our fireplace is. A testament to true craftsmanship! "
Alexandra Mitchell