Mineral Brick Staining - Color Change That Will Last for Years

Concrete and masonry may both be colored using mineral dyes. Mineral stains were developed in the late 1800s and have stood the test of time. Mineral stains provide architects, builders, and homeowners the freedom to choose whatever color they want when planning and constructing with masonry.

Simple color problems might unnecessarily jeopardize the success of an entire project or even restrict the usage of brickwork altogether. The color and finish you want may be achieved with mineral stains by penetrating the surface and creating a chemical connection that is vapor-permeable, permanent, and will not peel, blister, or fade.

Widely considered one of the most difficult staining tasks you can do on your own, mineral brick staining is precisely why you should let our brick staining masonry contractors handle it for you. Our masonry repair specialists have the education and tools required for skilled masonry staining.