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BRICK STAINING Durability and Beauty
Brick Staining Is More Than Just a Colorant – It Maintains the Porous Structure, Allowing the Masonry to Breathe While Protecting It from the Elements!

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We provide comprehensive masonry services because of our 25 years of experience in the industry. Chimney masonry repair Fox River Grove is only one of the many masonry services we provide. We take pride in being the best masonry contractors Fox River Grove has to offer.

We’re pleased with the wide range of buildings we’ve constructed, which includes institutions like schools and churches as well as public and private institutions like banks and warehouses. Many of our private projects, such as fireplaces, chimneys, homes, outdoor grills, pizza ovens, brick wall repair Fox River Grove, and more, have also been done to the finest standards. We’re the experts you can count on for concrete block and brick repairs, as well as the staining of natural and cultured stone.

The high-quality brick and masonry services you want are available from 7 STAR Masonry Contractors Fox River Grove. We can give your home or business a fresh look by repointing the brickwork.

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Brick Repair & Masonry Repair

You may be guaranteed that you will obtain outstanding outcomes from our masonry services. First, we undertake a complete review of the damage to identify the best line of action. We are devoted to returning your home back to its prior splendor as swiftly and cost-effectively as feasible. All types of masonry work, from restoration to brick wall repair, are within the scope of our masons' expertise in Fox River Grove.

Chimney Repair

Is the state of your chimney a reason for alarm? Do you suspect there may be a problem but are at a loss as to how to handle it? You can count on us to get the job done when you need work done on your chimney. With our masons, your chimney may seem as good as new again. Contact us if your chimney is damaged or in need of chimney repair Fox River Grove. We are always here to help you.

Brick Staining

Contrary to just coating the brick as paint does, brick staining Fox River Grove completely binds to the brickwork and becomes a permanent feature. Stained bricks are better for the longer term than unpainted ones because the stain gives defense against external factors. Brick staining Fox River Grove is fantastic since it mixes in with the brickwork. Problems associated with painting brick, such as cracking and peeling, will also be avoided.


By applying the right care measures, owners of homes with masonry and brick elements can keep them in optimal condition. When the best services of masonry and brick repair Fox River Grove offers are requested, chances are that contractors will find a house that has flawed masonry work, or an older construction that lacks upkeep. 

The reasons that lead to damage in masonry and brick are numerous. A very common one is thawing. When water melts, it gets into the pores of brick and mortar, and even materials like stone. When this affects the mortar, you will likely end up in need of the experts in brick and masonry repair Fox River Grove customers recommend. 

One sign to look for consists of residue of brick or mortar nearby. This needs to be addressed immediately, just as cracks, loose cement joints, and loose or missing pieces. You don’t have to wait for these signs to call a professional. Scheduling an annual visit for inspection and maintenance is a sure way to prevent extended damage and the costly brick wall repair Fox River Grove residents want to avoid.

In certain cases, you might need to hire someone with more experience. The chimney repair Fox River Grove homeowners need features special components including flashing, crowns, and saddles. An expert contractor, periodic maintenance, and timely repairs will allow you to keep your masonry looking flawless and last for decades to come.


Masonry construction is made up of units (such as concrete blocks, stones, bricks, etc.) that are piled on top of one another and kept together by cement mortar. Most homeowners who wish to improve their home’s aesthetics or reestablish its structural integrity pick our masonry repair Fox River Grove service. This is a fantastic method to increase the value of your home, whether you’re trying to sell it or simply want to make it seem better from the outside.

Due to the kind of materials used, masonry is difficult, but the finished product gives your house or place of business a firm foundation, robust pillars, and a solid framework. We use durable, easy-to-maintain materials in our masonry repair Fox River Grove work since it is meant to endure. Your house or business will be more functional and aesthetically pleasing thanks to the skillful application of our brick, stone, clay, and cement materials. Masonry serves as an insulator, keeping the home at a reasonable temperature while also being aesthetically pleasing. To create diverse aesthetically pleasing results, several brickwork kinds may be employed. Concrete blocks are renowned for their durability, brick offers a timeless aesthetic, and stone masonry permits the use of either finished or unprocessed stone. Our specialist masonry contractors Fox River Grove are skilled in tuckpointing, chimney masonry repair, brick wall repair Fox River Grove, and other masonry treatments. Simply call the number given to get in contact with us straight away.